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Click a Photo below to Listen to their Audio Messages!

Nick + Kaitlyn 6.17.2023
E & B 10.15.2023
Taylor + Christopher 8.26.2023
Ava Jane Graduation Party Lake Fenton
Elyza Class of 2023

Our Audio Guestbook is our newest addition to our Rental Inventory!

Be the first to introduce it to your Friends & Family and to reserve your day at our introductory rate!

Your guests will hear a recorded message with your voice and will leave a message after the tone! After your event is over you will receive a compilation of all of your guests messages to treasure forever!

Our unique Audio Guest Book will add a stunning element to any wedding or special occasion that no one will forget. With our audio recordings, you’ll be able to relive all of the best moments and memories for years to come.

 Our telephones are designed to make capturing messages effortlessly whether it be for a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower

Inquire Below!

 Telephone Booth, Audio Guestbook + Digital Photo Booth $499
Telephone Booth|Audio Phone

(Introductory Rates)
$199 Audio Phone Only
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